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Fancy Dress Parties

If you would like help finding the perfect venue for your Fancy Dress Party, please send us a quick enquiry and we’ll get right back to you. Our function venues are located in Inner City Melbourne, and all have been carefully selected as the best function rooms of their type in Melbourne.


Looking for a Melbourne Function Venue to hold your Fancy Dress, or Costume Party?  Function Rooms in Melbourne has carefully selected a portfolio of Melbourne’s best function rooms, that cater to even the most eclectic of fancy dress and theme parties.  With function venues found in Melbourne’s best inner city locations, you are sure to find the perfect space.

Looking for Fancy Dress Function ideas?  Check out these ideas for a costume party function..

Starting with the letter “insert initial here”

Probably the easiest party idea to organise, the “Letter” party has been a favourite fancy dress idea for years.  Guests simply come dressed as something with the matching initial as the birthday boy or girls name.  Letter parties provide a diverse range of costumes and highlight guests imagination.  For an ‘S’ Party – Santa, School girl, Sailor, Snake, Snape, Salt’n’Pepper, Scuba Steve, Shane Warne, Swinger, Shower Man.

Favourite HBO or TV character

Ask your guests to come dressed as their favourite character (or prop – or location) from HBOs TV shows.  Think Sopranos, Dexter, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Deadwood, Flight of the Conchords.. the list is long and provides a fun familiarity.  Playing episodes on a plasma screen or projector screen is cheap, and helps to make your fancy dress function immersive and entertaining.

The 80’s & 90’s Mixtape

Do you remember listening to the radio, waiting for your new favourite song to come on?  Your tape deck (or ‘ghetto blaster’ in 80’s parlance) with RECORD – PLAY – PAUSED buttons down ready to record the next track for your mix tape?  80’s and 90’s were a fun time, with outlandish fashions and very, very big hair.  Ask your the guests of your costume party to dress as their favourite Pop or Rock star from this period – Imagine artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer burning up your dance floor.  For a fancy dress function where you want the dance floor going, the 80’s and 90’s mixtape is for you.


Once upon a time, a Gangsters costume theme party meant three piece suits, Tommy Guns, silk scarves, and 1920’s flappa dresses.  These days imagine Cripps and Bloods, Don Corlione, Tupac and Snoop Dogg, and how about a a giant 50c piece for the more imaginative?

Zombies and Vampires

The most popular, and quite possibly, the easiest themes for Fancy dress parties at the moment are Zombies and Vampires.  The zombies can tear up some old clothes and paint on the appropriate amount of decomposition, while vampires can wear their favourite Dracula cape or go the Twilight route with bouffant hair and abs.  “Brain” and “Blood” shoots at the bar, and get the dance floor going with “Everybody’s Shuffling”.


While you choose your theme, get in contact with us to organise your venue and we can start work on the decorations.
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